Guide pin unit (positioning of the feeding direction of the strip)


(1) Guide pin unit: The main function of the guide pin […]

(1) Guide pin unit: The main function of the guide pin is to obtain the correct feeding pitch during continuous stamping. There are two types of guide units for stamping dies: indirect (guide pins are used alone) and direct (guide pins are installed inside the punch).
(2) The assembly method of the guide pin is the same as that of the punching punch (installed on the punch fixing plate). The spring is used to constrain it to the punch fixing plate.
(3) The guide pin is additionally installed on the binder plate, because the guide pin is required to protrude from the binder plate to a certain amount and to prevent the material to be processed when the mold rises, the rigidity and guide of the binder plate It is necessary to pay attention to the cited form.
(4) The guide pin unit has a direct type, which is installed in the punch, and is mainly used for contour punching (cutting processing) or trimming processing of extension engineering, and its position positioning is based on the hole of the product and the inner diameter of the extension.

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