Guide post production and processing


The most common mold parts in the mold production work […]

The most common mold parts in the mold production work are the guide posts. The guide posts are the key to the mold guide device, which can effectively ensure the smooth opening and closing of the movable mold and the fixed mold. In addition, the frequency of use and the use environment of guide posts are very special, so we should pay more attention to the selection of guide posts, the production and processing of guide posts, and the wholesale of guide posts. So, how to choose the materials for guide post production and processing and wholesale guide post? What is the production process like?
The production and processing of guide pillars are generally roughed on a lathe, and a certain grinding allowance needs to be reserved during roughing. Then heat treatment is required. When heat treatment is performed, the depth of the carburized layer is generally selected to be 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm, and it is generally 58 to 51 Rockwell hardness when hardened. In addition, in order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the guide post and improve the surface condition, a certain margin can be reserved during cylindrical grinding, generally between 0.01 and 0.015 mm.
There are generally two types of guide post materials, SUJ2 and GCr15, and the characteristics of these two types of guide posts are different. The guide post of SUJ2 is produced by the pinhole refining process, the heat treatment size is relatively stable, and the quenching stress is relatively small, which reduces the tendency of deformation and cracking, and will have a relatively high strength after low temperature tempering. Toughness and wear resistance, the service life will be longer. The guide post of GCr15 is a Japanese standard steel. After hardening, the hardness will be relatively high, and the internal structure of the guide post is uniform and has good wear resistance. You can choose the appropriate guide post material according to your own needs when you are carrying out the production and processing of the guide post.

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