2019 20th (Chongqing) International Machinery Exhibition


Metal cutting machine tools: Metal processing centers, […]

Metal cutting machine tools:
Metal processing centers, milling machines; CNC machine tools and automated lathes; drilling machines, boring machines; sawing machines and metal cutting machine tools; gear manufacturing machine tools; combined machine tools and combined components; machining centers and parallel machine tools; drilling and tapping machine tools; manufacturing units/systems And automation equipment; tool processing grinders; honing, grinding, polishing and ultra-precision processing machine tools
Special processing machine:
EDM forming equipment; wire EDM equipment; electrochemical machining equipment; flame cutting equipment; plasma cutting equipment; water jet cutting equipment; rapid prototyping equipment; marking and engraving machine; surface treatment and coating equipment; Vacuum forming machine
Metal forming machine tools:
Metal sheet cutting machine tools and machining centers; laser processing equipment; sheet, sheet, and profile shears; sheet, sheet, and pipe spinning machines; sheet bending machine bar and pipe bending forming machines; straighteners, wire Forming machine; punching machine, punching machine, nibbling contour machine; various presses
CNC systems, digital display devices and machine tool appliances; machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment; abrasives, tools, tool holders and related products; inspection and measurement equipment; die casting and casting technology, castings; heat treatment and industrial furnaces; forging and stamping equipment ,Stamping

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