Pressure bolt and spring unit


1), pressure bolt unit: the types of pressure plate bol […]

1), pressure bolt unit: the types of pressure plate bolts are: (A). External screw type,
(B). Sleeve type, (
C). Internal screw type. In order to maintain the parallel state of the pressing plate at the specified position, the stopping method of the pressing bolt (shoulder contact part):
(A). The receiving surface of the cavity of the die seat,
(B). The top surface of the punch fixing plate, (C). The top surface of the punch back plate.

(2) Pressing spring unit: movable pressing plate pressing spring unit can be roughly divided into:
(A). Single use type,
(B). Combined use with pressing bolt
When choosing a pressing spring unit, it is best to consider the following points before deciding:

(A). Ensure the free length of the spring and the necessary compression (the spring with large compression should be placed in the cavity of the pressure plate).

(B) Whether adjustment of initial spring compression (pre-compression) or load is necessary.

(C) Consider the ease of mold assembly or maintenance.

(D) Consider the relationship with the length of the punch or pressing bolt.

(E), consider safety (to prevent the spring from flying out when it is broken).

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