The lifting and ejecting unit of the mold?


(1) Lifting pin unit: its main function is to lift the […]

(1) Lifting pin unit: its main function is to lift the strip to the die during continuous stamping processing (the height of the position is called the feeding height, and achieves the purpose of smooth feeding. The form is: (A). Pin type (circular, purely for lifting materials), is the most common lifting pin unit. (B). Lifting pin type (round, with holes for guide pins), lifting pins are equipped with guide pins The use of holes can prevent the material from bearing the deformation of the guide pin and make the guide pin actually work. (C). Material lifting and material guide pin type, both have the function of guiding material, the guiding material of continuous mold is most commonly used in this form of material lifting pin Type. (D). Lifting pin type (square) If required, there are air blow holes. (E). Lifting and guide pin type (square).
(2). Material ejection unit: during automatic stamping processing, it is necessary to prevent punching products or punching chips from jumping on the surface of the die to avoid mold damage and bad stamping parts.
(3). Ejection unit: The main function of the ejection unit is to eject products or waste from the cavity during each stamping process. The installation site of the ejector unit is two: (A), the reverse configuration mold is installed on the upper mold part, (B). The forward configuration mold is installed on the lower mold part.


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