The unit in the mold?


1. Fixed pin unit The shape and size of the fixed pin u […]

1. Fixed pin unit
The shape and size of the fixed pin unit are designed according to the requirements of standard specifications. The precautions when using it are as follows:
(A)  The fixing pin hole should be a through hole. If it is not possible, consider a design method that is easy to use screws to remove.
(B)  The length of the fixing pin should be moderate, and it should not be longer than the necessary length.
(C)  The fixed pin hole should have a necessary escape part.
(D)  When it is placed in the upper mold part, a mechanism to prevent it from falling should be designed to prevent it from falling.
(E)  When one side is press-fitted and the other side is sliding, the fixed pin hole on the sliding side is slightly larger than the fixed pin.
(F)  The number of fixed pins is based on the principle of two, try to choose the same size.
2. Press plate unit
The particularly important point of the pressure plate unit is that the pressure surface and the die surface have the correct parallelism and the buffer pressure is required to be balanced.
3. Misfeed detection unit
When the continuous die is used for stamping, the die must be designed with a fault detection unit to detect whether the variation of the feeding pitch exceeds its standard and stop the operation of the punch. The error detection unit is installed inside the mold. According to its detection method, there are the following two installation forms:
(A)  The form of the detection pin installed in the upper mold, when it deviates from the hole of the material strip, it will be detected by contact with the material strip.
(B)  The form of the detection pin installed in the lower mold is detected when a part of the strip is in contact with the detection pin.
4. Scrap cutting unit
During the continuous stamping process, the strip (scrap) will gradually leave the mold. There are two ways to handle it: (A). Take it up with a coiler
(B)  Use a mold cutting device to refine it
There are two ways of the latter
(A)  Use a special scrap cutting machine (installed outside the press machine)
(B)  The cutting unit installed in the final process of the continuous mold.
5. Height stop block unit
The main function of the height stop block unit is to correctly determine the position of the bottom dead center of the upper die. There are two forms:
(A)  Often contacted during stamping
(B) The method of contacting only during assembly, and not contacting during stamping.
Also, when the mold is transported and stored, in order to prevent contact between the upper mold and the lower mold, it is better to insert a spacer between the upper mold and the lower mold. When the accuracy requirements are not necessary, the use standard can adopt the screw adjustment type.

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