What is the reason for mold wear?


1) The material of the main working parts of the mold i […]

1) The material of the main working parts of the mold is improperly selected. The material has poor performance and is not wear-resistant; the die steel has not been refined and has a large number of smelting defects; the convex and concave molds, forging blanks and the forging process are not perfect, and there are hidden dangers of heat treatment.
2) Die structure design problem, the die structure is unreasonable. The slender punch is not designed with a reinforcement device, the discharge port is not smooth and piles up, and the discharge force is too large, and the punch is subjected to increased alternating load.
3) The mold parts making process is imperfect, mainly manifested in the poor quality of the convex and concave die forging blanks, and the heat treatment technology and process have problems, resulting in the convex and concave molds being incompletely quenched, soft spots and uneven hardness. Sometimes microcracks or even cracks occur, grinding and polishing are not in place, and the surface roughness value is too large.
4) No lubrication or lubrication but poor effect.

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