Precision Tooling Mould Compression Standard Spring

Type Mark Colour External diametermm
(Internal diametermm)
Free growth
Using 300000 times
Maximum bending
(% of free length)

Light and small load

YEL Yellow ∅6-∅70
15-300 50%
Light load BLU Blue ∅6-∅70
15-300 40%
Medium load RED Red ∅6-∅60
15-300 32%
Heavy load GRE Green ∅6-∅60
15-300 24%
Very heavy load BRD Brown ∅6-∅60
15-300 20%
Overweight load BLA Black ∅6-∅50
20-200 20%


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Product Details


The spring is designed as a punching stationery / plastic mold, and can generate powerful power in a small space compared with a circular coil.

Spring has light and small load, light load, medium load, heavy load, extremely heavy load, overweight load specifications, because it is painted with a variety of colors, so easy to choose.

The material is swosc-v equivalent material with high stress, high-speed amplitude and excellent heat resistance, which improves the durability of shot peening process.

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