What are the common types of mold parts?


mold parts refers to the general name of metal accessor […]

mold parts refers to the general name of metal accessories used in stamping dies, plastic molds or FA automation equipment exclusively in the mold industry. Mould accessories include: punches, punches, guide posts, guide sleeves, thimbles, cylinders, steel ball sleeves, non-oil supply guide sleeves, non-oil supply slides, guide post components, etc.
Common type
Plastic mold accessories
Single section shoot tip, double section shoot tip, double section shoot tip, flat tip, flat tip, positioning column, plastic mold guide bushing, straight bushing, center pillar bushing, plastic mold guide bushing, straight bushing, middle bracket bushing, positioning pillar , Square auxiliary device, three-dimensional positioning block group positioning auxiliary device, A, B, C type filling nozzle, fixed ring A, B type, standard mechanical switch, square auxiliary device, small nozzle standard special nozzle lining Sleeve, large nozzle standard special nozzle bushing, mold date indicating device, resin switch, water stopper, finished tip for plastic mold, pen core, pen tube, small tie rod type C, diagonal support tip, pull tip, plastic Mould guide posts, tie rods, back pins, springs, thimbles, cylinders, trash nails, etc.
Hardware stamping die accessories
H-type straight punches, A-type secondary punches, edge forming punches, K-type germination punches, B-type guide punches, A-type female punches, punches, dies, bushings, high-speed steel Round rods, ultrafine tungsten steel rods, powder high-speed steel rods, floating pins, floating pins, stop screws, positioning pins (fixed pins), contour sleeves, guide posts, guide sleeves, precision chrome-plated guides Columns, precision copper-titanium alloy guide bushes, self-lubricating guide bushes, inner guide pillar assemblies, sliding guide pillar assemblies for mold bases, ball guide pillar assemblies for mold bases, detachable ball guide pillar assemblies, outer guide pillar assemblies, steel balls Sleeve (cage), independent guide post, hexagonal screws, equal height screws, etc.
Automation machinery accessories
Guide shaft support, fixed ring, linear bearing, ball guide shaft, oil-free bushing, single-axis robot, driver, linear guide, linear slide, cable protection chain, ball screw, support assembly, trapezoidal screw, sliding Screws, shafts, bearing housings, bearings, cantilever pins, hinge pins, step screws for fulcrums, couplings, motors, timing pulleys, idlers, timing toothed belts, keyless bushes, flat belts, rounds Belts, pulleys, idlers, rollers, conveyor parts, gears, sprockets, chains, conveyors, positioning pins, bushings for jigs, positioning parts, sliding tables, lenses, LED illuminators, inspection stands, sensors, and switches Types, probes, pillars, supports, pillar fixing clamps, check fixtures, elbow clamps, round bars, hexagonal profiles, pipes, resin bars, transparent resins, glass, engineering plastic plates, sheet metal processing products, sheet processing products , Washers, Collars, Gaskets, Screws, Washers, Nuts, Small Parts/Magnets, Springs, Buffers, Nitrogen Springs, Polyurethanes, Rubbers, Sponges, Felt, Anti-vibration, Sound Insulation, Static Electricity, Safety Protection, Manifold Blocks , Pipes, pipe joints, hoses, valves, pipes, joints, suction parts, nozzles, cylinder related parts, connection parts, heaters, temperature control related, heat insulation boards, aluminum alloy profiles, profiles & brackets, aluminum alloy profiles Use accessories, high-efficiency particulate filters, factory profiles, tube profiles, panels, flat plates, casters, adjustment blocks, handles, hand wheels, knobs, handles, hinges, door parts, angles, profiled steel, corner seats, ribs, safety fences, etc. Various door components, standard components of aluminum alloy profiles, etc.

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